I Learned Something After I Ordered This New Product

You never what changes are going to come in life. And often, life keeps you so busy that you really do not think much about it, until it is sometimes too late. At some point, I found myself dealing with impotency with my wife, and it really bothered her. It hurt me a lot that it upset her so much. It is not like it is something that I wanted to have happen. She finally told me about crystal x and that I should try it to see if would help my “problem.”

I thought it over for awhile, and decided to check into the new product my spouse had told me about. I then decided that I was willing to try it out for the sake of our marriage. I was perfectly happy with just holding hands and hugging as a couple, but that is not what she wanted from me. So, I ordered some. I hoped that it would work for her sake. Continue reading “I Learned Something After I Ordered This New Product”


The Proper Way to Detangle Textured Hair

Textured hair, whether wavy, curly, coily, crinkled or crimped, can be a nightmare to deal with when matted or tangled. For most, untangling the mess is a dreaded chore. And if attacked incorrectly, the process can lead to hair breakage and damage.

To help us tackle the loathsome task, we asked Kerry Washington’s hairstylist, Takisha Sturdivant-Drew, about the proper method for untangling textured hair, whether natural or chemically straightened. Here are 11 tips and techniques to help you detangle hair without damaging it.

Leave-Ins Are Your Friends

Textured hair is often dry and parched. Before you begin detangling it, coat it with a leave-in moisturizing cream, oil or spray. This leave-in conditioner will soften your hair, making it more manageable, thereby facilitating the comb-through process. Experiment with different types to find the one that works best with your hair texture and type. If your hair texture is extra frizzy or dry, take special care by concentrating the moisturizing efforts on the ends of you hair. Seal the moisture in with hair butter or light oil.

Take Your Time

Allow yourself enough time to properly detangle your naturally textured or relaxed hair. Rushing through the


Top Tips to Keep You Looking Fresh on a Flight

Cathay Pacific Flight Purser, Margaret Lai, shares her top tips for staying fresh during a long flight.

1. Don’t skimp on sleep

It can be tempting to stay up and watch movies for the entire flight, but if you really want your skin to look healthy and glowing by the time you land, get a decent shut-eye, recommends Margaret. If you’re a light sleeper, pack ear plugs and an eye mask. A soothing lavender spray can also help.

2. Come prepared

“I always carry a good moisturiser, face wipes, a rich hand cream and a sheet mask in my hand carry,” Margaret says. “I like to use the time onboard to really look after my skin.” Don’t forget: all liquids in your carry-on need to be under 100ml on international flights.

3. Mind the rays

Everybody loves a window seat – just don’t forget to protect your skin against harmful UV rays. It’s always good to pack a good travel-sized SPF UV protection and sunglasses on day flights, and pull down the blinds from time to time too.

4. Watch what you put in

You’re on holiday, you’re excited and in the


How to Find the Perfect Lipstick for Your Skin Tone

lipsticksWhen choosing your new favourite shade, take the time to consider your colouring, be it fair or dark, warm or cold-toned, as it will make a huge difference to how the lipstick looks on you!

Fleur Madden, the founder of Lulu and Lipstick, put together a guide to help you choose your right shade, no matter what your skin tone.

Warm or cold?

First thing’s first, you need to evaluate the undertone of your complexion. You can tan during the summer months and change the tone of your skin, but the undertone will always stay the same.

If you have more of a yellow tinge to you skin, you’re a warm. Those of you out there with pink hues, you’ll be more of a cold type. Still not sure? Check the underside of your wrist. Blue-tinted veins point to cool undertones and green suggests a warm undertone.

Remember, it doesn’t depend on your hair colour. Brunettes with a warm skin tone include Amal Clooney, Mila Kunis or Natalie Portman, while cool brunettes might be Anne Hathaway and Zooey Deschanel. Similarly, fair-haired beauties with a warm undertone include Jennifer Aniston


Do You Show These Three Signs of Aging?

When you are young, you take for granted the fact that you will look and feel youthful forever. Many young people cannot even fathom or be bothered to think about a day when they will begin to age and show signs of aging. If you are one of those people who cannot believe that you are starting to reach the age where aging is no longer an exciting process that you look forward to rather than something you dread, you may wonder if you are starting to show any of the telltale signs of aging. Get to know three of the major signs of aging and find out if you are suffering these three signs of aging. Then, you can be sure that you take care of the signs of aging that are bothersome to you right here in Boulder, Colorado.


Sign #1: Low Libido Or Sexual Dysfunction

One of the biggest and most worrisome signs of aging is the issue of having a low libido or even further, suffering from male sexual dysfunction. Many men really struggle when the start to have a lower sex drive or have experiences (even if they

Online Gambling, Yes Or No?

Less to doubt, the popularity of online gambling is increasing year to year as many people enjoying the game so much. That said, if you decide to join the fun, but you never try it before as you are a new player, it somehow leads to hassle. There are many factors to put in mind like the reason why you play, the safety issue, the good site to choose, and so on.

Beforehand, do you think online gambling is for you? For any individual, they have their own liking toward anything. And keep in mind that online gambling is not for anyone. But lucky for you as there are many online casinos that ease your access to play the online casino games, and you can assume it yourself,whether online gambling is for you or not. Still, in choosing the site to play, assure that you choose the trusted online casino site like Netbet Casino. What you should do next?

The good thing about choosing online casino with good reputation, aside from its safety, a new player like you, can have time to practice your gambling skill by using demo mode for whatever casino games

Micro Needling Might Really Be the Secret to Flawless Skin

You know those girls who glide around in sky-high heels, smiling as the blisters form? With every stride they take, they seem to be saying: Suck it up, mortals; beauty is pain. Well, these are the kinds of women whom I suspect sign up for micro-needling, a facial treatment that uses a cluster of nine to 12 needles to jab tiny holes all over the face at rapid fire.

Like most other painful beauty pursuits, the endgame pays off: Creation of those micro-holes kicks the skin into healing mode, where it rushes to make more collagen. This helps fade scars and smooth pockmarks caused by acne, prevents fine lines from deepening, and gives skin a level of radiance often reserved for only the most deep-pocketed of beauty slaves.

I didn’t think I was tough enough to take multiple needles to the face, but as I found when visiting the office of Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon Dr. Norman Leaf, the treatment that sounds like a medieval torture session is an experience on par more with wearing cushiony Easy Spirit pumps than wearing six-inch Louboutins.

After a consultation to determine whether micro-needling might be right for me—a spattering of scars left from picked-at blemishes, oversized

How to Avoid Post Workout Breakouts

While we all know the laundry list of reasons we should work out, it’s always easy to come up with an excuse not to work out. Just don’t let acne be one of those easy excuses. It may be a tough burden to bear that the threat of blemishes doesn’t go away with our teenage years, but there are plenty of tactics we can employ to mitigate the chances of them popping up after a sweat session. To find out how to best go about having a breakout-free workout, we turned to RealSelf contributor Dr. Joel Schlessinger and Annet King, director of global education for The International Dermal Institute.

Wash Your Face BEFORE You Work Out

“Prior to your workout, wash your face to remove any makeup,” says Schlessinger. “As you work up a sweat, makeup can clog pores and cause irritation.” King adds that if you must wear makeup while you sweat, choose a lightweight/oil-free tinted moisturizer or foundation and a waterproof mascara. Note, however, that you should be washing your face prior to working out even if you’re hitting the gym first thing in the morning. It isn’t sweat that causes breakouts, it’s the mix of sweat, dirt, oil